Mission and Charity

The history of the Christian Church shows how people have sought to aid the poor and needy in every generation and in our world today we recognise the needs of others are often more important than our own.
The parish supports a number of organisations that fall into the category of aid agencies, missionary societies or charities, so that God’s love can be seen to be for everyone, wherever they live, and whatever they believe.

In December 2020, we supported the following:
Embrace (Biblelands)
Bishop’s Ministry Fund
Faith in Families
Bible Society / Open the Book
Bishop’s Fund (for emergencies)
Ty Olwen Trust
Stepping Stones Children’s Centre
Maggies – Singleton Hospital
Medecins sans Frontiers
Wales Air Ambulance
Kids Cancer Charity
Church in Wales Centenary Appeal for Housing Justice Cymru & Christian Aid
Matthew’s House
Eden Bus